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Most important is that safety must be top notch!

"The GSA Secure SOS Alarm gives me extra security at work and a guarantee that the help is always close."

Welcome to GSA SecureTM

GSA Secure is for you who want to create a safe and secure everyday life for your employees. We take personal safety and work hard to ensure that everyone can feel safe at their jobs. With a GSA Secure assault alarm, you get an effective alarm system coupled with a clear and user-friendly alarm platform. Safety at work – all in one single solution.

Panic alarm from GSA Secure

Threats and violence are unfortunately a well-known problem in many jobs. Almost nine percent of the workforce must live with threats of violence or assaults, while still more frequently working alone with dangerous tools or large machines. It creates insecurity in everyday life, and in the longer term it can go beyond the working environment and job satisfaction – and perhaps even result in stress and long-term illnesses.

With GSA Secure alarm, alarm and alarm platform, you’ll get peace of mind and security.

GSA Secure always has free shipping, competitive prices and a completely transparent business model – without any hidden fees.


Transparent company

We are a transparent company where all prices are available. No hidden fees or long termination deadlines.

Alarm platform

GSA Secure has developed a smart software platform that makes it easy for our customers to manage their alarms themselves.


Quick support

It is essential to get quick help when needed. As a customer you are in safe hands and we are always ready to help.



You choose your security level yourself. We have four different levels that can be quickly changed, your needs should also be changed.

Small body camera, now with 4G

With a body camera, your employees’ security becomes more visible to the outside world. Some may not understand this increase in security. However, for personnel who travel in highly unsafe areas, provide extra protection to assault assailants to carry out their crime.

The experience with body cameras or body cams (BWCs) is significantly greater in the US, as police and security companies have used them for several years. This has had the degree of clarification to rise significantly, as it is now possible to document both sound and images, what has actually disappeared in an assault situation.

Body Camera lifts your employees’ safety to brand new heights. In a very short period of time, body-worn cameras will be part of many everyday lives, not least because they provide a good preventive effect.

We are ready to advise you

If you have any questions that may not be fully listed here on the web page, call or write to us. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you within 24 hours. Otherwise call now + 45 8643 9100 The phone is open all weekdays from kl. 9:00 to 17:00

GSA Secure is an alarm company that guarantees the safety of people in their profession.



GSA Server is the Alarm Platform, which controls and controls all security features.


GSA Protect is the gateway for security companies and security personnel.